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Nanjing Nianda Group was founded in 1973 and has been engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of heat treatment industrial equipment in casting, forging, catalyst, new energy, iron and steel, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, stainless steel), aviation, machinery, building materials, non-ferrous metals industry and other industries. After years of accumulation of industry experience, under the background of "4 4 1" leading industrial system in Nanjing, in 2019, the company's main business was reformed in its own intelligent manufacturing methods and product upgrades, and Nanjing Nianda Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was established. It currently has a R & D center, a provincial engineering center, an after-sales service center, and three A production base (one of the intelligent equipment production bases is under construction). The company covers a total area of 216000 square meters, fixed asset investment of 0.8 billion.

Since its establishment, the company has been taking technology research and development and innovation as the core driving force to promote development. In 2008, it was first recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise in the industry, and passed the recognition again in 2017. Six core products have been identified as provincial high-tech products. Up to now, all subsidiaries of the group have nearly 100 patented technologies with completely independent intellectual property rights, basically realizing the full coverage of independent intellectual property rights of all series of products. The company's engineering center has also been recognized as the "Nanjing Industrial Furnace Engineering Technology Research Center" by the science and technology authorities. In recent years, it has successively cooperated with Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing Southeast University, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing Normal University, and Nanjing University of Technology. Cooperation and establishment of a doctoral workstation. In 2019, relying on the advantages of the gathering of universities in Nanjing Qixia District, led by a doctor from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, an intelligent equipment research and development center was established next to Nanjing University (Xianlin Campus), laying a solid foundation for the company's technological progress and technological innovation. The company's main business will always focus on the manufacturing of intelligent heat treatment equipment, with the future development of customers as the design concept, the design ideas will be extended to the front and rear ends of the customer's industrial equipment, to solve the manufacturing of its overall equipment and its intelligent software design embedded, to become the overall solution of industrial intelligent equipment.

At present, the company's products in 2000 through the ISO9001 quality system certification, the establishment of a sound quality management system. The company's leading products also passed the CE certification of the European Union in 2009. Products have been around for customers to achieve efficient, energy-saving mission. Some products can achieve energy saving of more than 50% year-on-year peers. In 2022, he became the vice-chairman enterprise of the Double Carbon Alliance in Qixia District, Nanjing.

Over the years, the company has established friendly cooperative relations with many well-known foreign enterprises specializing in the production of heat treatment equipment. Since 1991, the company has successively produced sealed box multi-purpose heat treatment production lines in international cooperation with German IPSEN Company. Cooperated with British WELLMAN Company to produce roller bottom copper bright heat treatment equipment; Cooperated with Japan's SANKEN SANGYOCO Company to produce aluminum alloy solid solution and aging heat treatment production line; Cooperated with Japan's Datong Special Steel Co., Ltd. to produce galvanized production line and U-shaped copper strip bright annealing equipment. In recent years, the catalyst industry heat treatment equipment has been developed for the first time in China.

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