After-sales service

Customer satisfaction is our consensus.

Service Commitment

Service Commitment

Service concept-customer satisfaction is our consensus!

● Pre-sales: to provide users with technical advice, with the user to determine the furnace type of equipment and technical solutions.

● On sale: provide equipment basic construction drawings and provide users with technical advice on equipment.

● After-sales: the warranty period of the equipment is 1 year. When the equipment fails during the warranty period (non-man-made), our company will rush to the site for emergency repair within 48 hours after receiving the user's notice, and provide damaged parts free of charge. If the equipment fails after the expiration of the warranty period, our company shall send personnel to rush to the site for emergency repair after receiving the notice. At the same time, we shall provide the required spare parts to the user at a preferential price without repaying the technical consultation service for the equipment.

Service Hotline

Technical Support Hotline: 025-85718997

After-sales service hotline: 15805188178 025-85718108

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