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“抢抓新机遇 再创新辉煌” “年达炉业”举办春节联谊会

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On February 14, the annual Spring Festival fraternity of Nanjing Nianda Furnace Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the scenic Water Paradise Winery. All the company's cadres and employees, supplier representatives, and some employees' families gathered together to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new.

Tao Shengnian, chairman of the board of directors and Tao Wei, general manager of the company, delivered speeches at the meeting. They reviewed the company's performance in 2014 and looked forward to the new year and the future development prospects of the company. And to all the leaders and friends who care about and support the development of "Nianda Furnace Industry", I would like to express my heartfelt thanks! To all "Nianda furnace industry" colleagues and family members of the hard work to express the most cordial condolences!

In 2014, the company implemented the business philosophy of "market-oriented thinking, systematic operation and planning, and phased promotion" and opened up domestic and foreign markets with the principle of "selling products first to establish reputation, striving for market image first. There are many achievements in enterprise management, technology research and development, enterprise culture construction, brand image promotion and so on. "Nianda Furnace Industry" won the National Outstanding Private Technology Enterprise "Private Science and Technology Development Contribution Award"; the company once again passed the certification of the ISO9000 quality management system; the "Nianda" trademark was rated as "Nanjing Famous Trademark"; continuous aluminum alloy T7 Heat treatment production line, continuous steel cylinder heat treatment production line and other products are recognized as "high-tech products"; continuous annealing furnace is declared as an invention patent and so on.

In 2015, "Nianda Furnace Industry" will continue to implement the strategy of focusing on manufacturing and advancing other supporting industries simultaneously, with brand building as the center and market-oriented. While maintaining the stable and rapid development of the enterprise, it will strengthen Service awareness and enhance management execution.

The annual meeting also gave a grand commendation to the outstanding teams, model workers, advanced individuals and the collectives and individuals who won the "Greeting the New Year" series of sports competitions. The raffle held by the sorority will push the atmosphere to a climax!



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