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Chamber type annealing furnace

Uses: Annealing furnace: used for metal castings such as body, cylinder block, cylinder head, etc;

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Chamber type annealing furnace

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1. Product Name:chamber type annealing furnace

2. Purpose:Annealing furnace: used for the body, cylinder, cylinder head and other metal castings sand after stress annealing;

tempering furnace:It is used for quenching heating and heat preservation, rapid tempering heating and heat preservation and other heat treatment processes of alloy castings of different specifications.

3. Advantages of equipment:The equipment is small in size and has high flexibility in matching the number of equipment according to the output and process requirements. It has wide application range, convenient operation, low failure rate, low energy consumption, heat treatment under the protection of inert gas, fast heating, good temperature uniformity, and optional heat source form (gas or electric heating). The trolley structure can directly extract the workpiece from the bottom after the heat treatment, and the chamber structure can be matched with different fork transport tools according to the production environment and conditions.

4. Use temperature:Annealing working temperature: 500~700 ℃ Tempering working temperature: 350~650 ℃ Temperature uniformity: +5 ℃

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