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Drum type roasting and drying furnace

Uses: used in chemical industry, powder, granular drying, roasting

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Drum type roasting and drying furnace

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1. Product Name:Drum type roasting and drying furnace

2. Purpose:Used for chemical industry, powder, pellet drying, roasting

3. Advantages of equipment:

3.1. Under the normal conditions of the mesh belt drying sintering furnace: no need to use a burning boat, the sintered parts are evenly heated and the deformation is small; the operation is simple, the degree of automation is high, the output is large, the energy consumption is low, and the failure rate is low.

3.2. Drum type roasting and drying furnace: The furnace body is an integrated design, compact structure, simple and generous appearance, convenient operation, light weight, good temperature uniformity, fast heating speed, good thermal stability, energy saving and other advantages. And the liner can choose different materials to roast the material. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, not easy to wear and high strength. Different temperature curves, different heating time and holding time can be set according to the process.

4. Use temperature:Mesh belt type working temperature: 100~500 ℃ drum type working temperature: 400~900 ℃

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