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Carrier drying and roasting furnace

Application: Drying and roasting of ternary catalyst ceramic carrier

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Carrier drying and roasting furnace

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1. Product Name:Carrier drying and roasting furnace

2. Purpose:Drying and roasting of ceramic carriers for ternary catalysts

3. Advantages of equipment:The catalyst mesh belt drying and baking furnace can effectively purify and treat CO, HC, NOx and exhaust gas PM filtration. The form of heat source is optional (gas or electric heating), and the continuous mesh belt conveyor runs smoothly. The forced hot air circulation system from top to bottom has uniform heating temperature. The fan has the characteristics of high wind speed, good penetration, stable product performance, energy saving and environmental protection, simple operation, low energy consumption, stable performance, high degree of automation, low production cost, large output, and low failure rate. 4, the use of temperature: (working temperature adjustable)

Drying furnace: ≤180 ℃ baking furnace: ≤ 650 ℃ temperature uniformity: ± 5 ℃

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