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Battery anode material coating granulation and pre-carbonization device

Application: Used for sintering and carbonization of positive and negative electrode materials of battery.

Key words:

Battery anode material coating granulation and pre-carbonization device

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Product Description

1. Product Name:Battery anode material coating granulation and pre-carbonization device

2. Purpose:

Used for sintering and carbonization of battery positive and negative materials.

The production capacity of the equipment, preheating, heating, heating, insulation process speed and all the mechanical action to achieve automatic control.

Electric heating, automatic control and adjustment of furnace rotation speed, speed online reading, automatic control of heating conditions and working temperature.

The mechanical actions of the equipment are interlocked.

3. Advantages of equipment:


Less manpower, simple operation

The rotary kiln has a high level of automation. The operator only needs to monitor the equipment operation data, control the equipment operation in case of emergency, and replace the packaging bag at the discharge position.

High production efficiency

Single equipment processing is large, the same amount of processing, the need for a small number of supporting equipment, easy operation and maintenance.

High exhaust efficiency

The rotary kiln has made a special design for the exhaust gas treatment to eliminate the influence of tar in the exhaust gas on the exhaust pipe.

High quality products out of the kiln

Continuous treatment, to ensure the unity of the material-the stability of the material, to avoid the poor discharge, blocking.

low cost

Rotary kiln operation without sagger, no sagger heat absorption, less wearing parts, low operation and maintenance costs. Saggers, sticks, cysts, and platens are consumables and easy to be damaged. The cost is high.

Material is evenly heated

The material in the kiln is fixed, and more time is needed to fully heat the material and discharge the gas. The material in the rotary kiln rotates continuously, the material is heated evenly, and the gas is more easily discharged.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The tunnel kiln and tunnel kiln all need to pass through the transition chamber. The large rotary kiln with protective gas and heat consumption only needs to seal the transportation process without gas and heat loss.

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